More than the final resting place of our loved ones, the Mirogoj Cemetery is a sort of an “open-air museum” that welcomes visitors and captivates them with its tranquillity and beauty. To allow Mirogoj to shine in its full glory every day, City Cemetery employees work daily to maintain its beauty and order, maintaining parks, flowerbeds, trees, accessways and more.

To give our users a comfortable setting where they can order our services, we relocated our offices to the mortuary building at Mirogoj (side entrance). We reconstructed our building to give our users an adequate waiting room and set up a queue management machine dispensing numbers to our users waiting to be received by one of our officers, depending on the services that they require.

We also introduced “electromobiles” for added service quality. The hearses that were used to transport the deceased and wreaths from the mortuary to the grave were replaced with specially designed and adapted “electromobiles” whose appearance lends an added dignity to the memorial service.

Since so many of the visitors who come to Mirogoj are senior citizens, we introduced electromobile transport services, free of charge for the time being, at the Mirogoj Cemetery and the Urn Garden - Crematorium.


The following bus services depart from Kaptol:
  • 106 Kaptol-Mirogoj-Crematorium
  • 226 Kaptol-Remete-Svetice

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